Corporate philosophy

Company motto

Good products, good design, achieved by passion, sincerity and human harmony.

About our logo


The overall shape comes from the letter "G," which stands for Gifu Prefecture and Gifu Auto Body. The three flowing horizontal lines represent passion, sincerity and human harmony.

Guiding principles

1. Customers First

Products are provided completely based on the thoughts of the customer. We always put our customers first, and work towards "better products" and" attractive products."

2. Contribution to Society

We strive to contribute toward a prosperous society through our products, as well as to achieve harmony between society and the natural environment, through open and fair company activities.

3. Respect for Humanity

Through the activation of people and organizations based on mutual respect for humanity and by creating a unique, creative and energetic corporate culture, a successful company and happiness as human beings can be achieved.

The Gifu Auto Body way

The philosophy of the Gifu Auto Body way